donderdag 11 maart 2010

The Greating Farm

Hey meiden,

Dit kwam ik vandaag tegen op het blog van TGF. Lijkt me leuk om mee te doen als team met een stel van jullie! Doen jullie met me mee??? Als je het leuk vind om mee te doen wil je me dan een mailtje sturen of laat een reactie achter op mijn blog. Mijn mail is Wanneer je nog geen TGF stempels hebt wil ik je afdrukjes sturen zodat je toch mee kunt doen.

What Team are You?

Greetings dear friends. We are going to do something fun today. I have a fun new project contest for you guys! This is going to be different and fun. The prize is going to be fabulous. But before I even begin to explain the rules and what the contest is about, we are going to start with the most fundamental part of the contest today... choosing your teams!

RULE #1: Picking Your Team

1.You have one week to decide who will be in your team. You can choose your friends, any of our readers... talk amongst yourselves. I know we have tons of wonderful people in the TGF community!

2.It's probably a good idea if all members of your team is familiar with stamping and TGF. Not necessary but preferable.

3.Each team must be made up of 3-5 members.

4.Give your team a name. (we will start a list of team names so that there are no duplicates. We can't be having 12 Team Edwards etc. haha)

5.Pick a team leader/coordinator.

So next Wednesday, I will explain and announce the contest and the team leader of your group will be able to comment with your team name and team members. This is going to be grrrrrreat! *chomps on some frosted flakes* So remember between 3-5 members in a team.


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Cheryl Richter zei

Hoi Krista!

ik had je al een mailtje gestuurd, wat lief dat je aan mij gedacht had :) Echt een droom van me om met anderen in een team te werken :)
Tuurlijk doe ik mee :)

Groetjes, Cheryl